Best Opportunities to Make Use of the Commercial Freezers

Best Opportunities to Make Use of the Commercial Freezers

To ensure that the water cooler has served you faithfully for a long time, you should follow the basic rules of its operation. Strangely enough, compliance with these rules allows you to significantly extend the life of the unit and reduce the number of calls to the service departments for repair services. In addition to the requirements specified in the instructions, it is also worth bearing in mind the following recommendations.

Choose the correct location for the unit

Especially this rule should be observed in relation to coolers, in which the water bottle is placed at the top. Choose the place is taking into account that water can deteriorate under the influence of sunlight (therefore, the placement at the window is undesirable), high temperature (do not put it in heating pipes), contaminated air (another reason not to put a cooler near the window). The right commercial coolers and freezers offer the best results in this case.

Each time before using a new bottle of water, you need to wipe the top of the cooler with a cloth or clean rag with which the bottle touches. Do not forget to wipe the water inlet needle as well. Remove the shrink film from the bottle cap. All this procedure must be done beforehand with washed hands. Films and stickers must be removed without residue. All these measures are necessary in order to avoid water pollution in the cooler, which is caused by dirty hands, dusty parts of the unit itselfand impurities on the neck of the bottle.

  • Installation of the bottle is as follows: the valve plug must be aligned with the water intake needle and “put on” the bottle on the needle. Efforts are needed only to raise a bottle of water. If necessary, you can turn it slightly.
  • If the bottle is installed on the newly purchased cooler for the first time, then after installation it is necessary to open both cranes and to drain a small amount of water in order to wash the contaminations and air plugs that appeared during storage and transportation. Sometimes the amount of washing liquid can reach two to three tanks for each type of water (cold and hot).
  • At the end of the rinse, both tanks are refilled with drinking water . If bubbles appear in the thickness of the water when the cranes are opened, then both tanks are completely filled.

After filling with water, you can connect the unit to the mains. In no event should the cooler be connected to the power supply without the presence of water in the tanks, since the heating element may be damaged (the same effect as in the case of an electric kettle without water).

A few more recommendations

The water cooler consumes relatively little energy, because there are special sensors for cooling and heating the water, which give signals to turn off when the set temperature is reached – the process of operation “freezes” until the water temperature reaches certain limits.

Compliance with all the above recommendations will ensure that you always have hot and cold drinking water in your office or home for a long time without having to repair the cooler.

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