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The Benefits Of Using Lean Six Sigma Methodology In Management.

These are management strategies used in businesses to bring optimal production and at the same time boost profit and morale. The term is used to refer to two management practices that is combined together to form a single approach in production. Lean is a method of reducing waste in terms of time, transportation and other forms of wastage. On the other hand, six sigma is a methodology mainly used in control that uses the data in its implementation.

It mainly involves definition of the problem, doing measurements, analyzing and later on doing the implementation of the findings. There are greater results that can be achieved when using these two approaches.

There are a lot of benefits when doing management and especially when you combine these two methods of doing the business. it is important you know how to measure all these so that you have the desired output and control measures in your business. We will explore the use of these two in methodological concepts.

Used in strategic planning. This is due to the fact that, the six sigma approach uses some methodologies in achieving data and measurements to achieve some desired results. The measurements are important in the sense that, they help you in assessing the threats and opportunities that your business is likely to come across and devise workable plans for their occurrence. Thus, you can be able to put internal controls in your business so that you can be able to mitigate any problems should they arise.

They help in the development of ways to help in motivating your employees. They are given guidelines on how to measure their outputs and hence are able to measure the progress of their work. This means that, such employees are able to create a working environment that works to motivate them. They use the six sigma in developing strategies that can help in doing the required works. This defiantly is one of the ways of improving productivity in a company or a business.

They help in coming up with ways of reducing the time wasted in projects. This can be done by forming a team of employees that seeks to establish the things that can cause delays in the project that you have already begun working on. They does this by ensuring that they identify all the problems that can be able to bring delay in the completion of the project. After they have identified the problems, they then formulate ways of ensuring that the problems are minimized, one by one so that an optimal timing is achieved. This is important because it will help in reducing delay of the projects.

They work in ensuring that the time is utilized very well. It’s the lean approach that is normally applied in reducing the wastages. Thus, its possible for one to teach his employees on how to use these methods in optimizing the production time.

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