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The Advantages of Using Waterjet Technology

Waterjet cutting is now getting very popular when it comes to cutting technology. Industries that use major machine tool processes have found waterjet cutting technology to be very beneficial to their needs. The versatility, simplicity, and accuracy of waterjet technology has made it very popular. If you own a shop and you are cutting many different kinds of materials, then you should use a waterjet cutting machine to your advantage. Below are some of the advantages of using this new cutting technology.

You benefit from the versatility of waterjet cutting machines. There are many things that your waterjet cutting machine can cut through easily. The abrasive waterjet cutting is able to cut through materials as thick as 10 inches thick, whether the volume is high or low. Whatever work you are doing, routine cutting the same materials or cutting different materials for different clients, you achieve the same accurate cutting results.

Its versatility is shown in the different materials that it can cut. It can cut through metals, composites, stone and tile, foods, glass, paper products, stacked materials, thick materials, do precision cutting and beveled cutting. So, no matter where you are using it or no matter what you are cutting, you can use your waterjet cutting machine.

There is no use of heat and materials are not stressed while being cut. If there is heat due to friction, it can melt or damage some materials but waterjet cutting is cold cutting and so it can pass through any material without producing heat. You also don’t need to do secondary finishing since the end results of your cutting is a satin smooth edge. Its minimal kerf and high accuracy that can cut any type of materials can give you more cutting opportunities.

Another advantage of using waterjet machines is that it is easy to use. You can easily set up your machine in a matter of minutes. The job is made simple because of the software that they use which helps to cut whatever shape, dimension or materials are being cut. This type of cutting can help increase your productivity, make processes faster, and give you high-quality end products. With waterjet machines, you can easily do any cutting job yourself. You can cut any material that you need to cut in your own home. And its setup is very easy so you get a quick turnaround on jobs.

Another benefit of using waterjet cutting machine is its accuracy. Using waterjet cutting, machine parts with tight tolerances can be created. No matter how small or how intricate the parts are, waterjet cutting is able to create parts very accurately.

The cold cutting process of waterjet cutting machines eliminates slag deformation and dross waste. In abrasive cutting, you can recycle the garnet and the water used.

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