Episode 17

Vertebrate PaleontologyAnyone who has been uncovered to the teaching of evolution has heard of the Cambrian Explosion of fossils. Specimens in the Museum’s assortment can be found to certified individuals for research and educational use by appointment. Following their preparation, casting, study, and publication, the original fossils can be housed in Bogota and casts can be stored in Gainesville.

Paleontology is the first true science that many children turn into serious about, and with encouragement, that curiosity can lead them into associated fields that are crucial to fixing our world’s most urgent issues: biology, geology, ecology¬†and even physics and engineering.

The Texas Vertebrate Paleontology Collections performs a serious function in public outreach and education. The nucleus of the gathering was made below the auspices of Works Tasks Administration within the late 1930s and early Nineteen Forties, led by the museum’s first director, J. Willis Stovall (1891-1953).

Small animals¬†are usually more common in the fossil record and better preserved, so that they reveal huge quantities of information on the ecosystems and climates of Earth’s previous. The Society retains its members informed on the most recent discoveries by means of newsletters and the Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology.

Acknowledging the popular curiosity in vertebrate fossils and the need for exhibit and comparative materials, nevertheless, well-preserved specimens are collected from a broad vary of geologic horizons and geographic areas in line with the Museum’s role as a center of vertebrate paleontological analysis and training for the area.

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