GEO 6350 Vertebrate Paleontology Lecture 15

Vertebrate PaleontologyThe Charleston Museum’s Vertebrate Paleontology Collection consists of over 10,000 specimens primarily from the Cenozoic Era and consists of the largest assortment of Oligocene whales on the planet, phocid seals, sea turtles, Pleistocene megafauna, in addition to the most important flying chook ever described, Pelagornis sandersi. The reptilian adjustments and adaptations to diet and geography are chronicled within the fossil document of the varying types of therapsida True mammals showed up in the Triassic Interval (225 to 190 Ma) across the similar time because the dinosaurs , which also sprouted from the reptilian line.

The historical core of the Academy’s collection consists of the Thomas Jefferson Fossil Collection , the primary dinosaur fossils from North America, the one fossil collected by Lewis and Clark, in addition to the intensive collections of Leidy and a few of the Cope collections.

Newly found turtle specimens from the Uinta Formation (Center Eocene) of Utah, together with Baenidae, Carettochelyidae, Planetochelyidae, Testudinidae, and Geoemydidae, Heather F. Smith1, J. Howard Hutchison2, Brent Adrian1, Ok.E. Beth Townsend1 & Daniel Jager1, 1Department of Anatomy, Midwestern College, Glendale, AZ, 2Museum of Paleontology, College of California Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, USA.

The report is preliminary since many of the fossils haven’t been described intimately, and studies on the areal geology will not be complete, but there is some information on thickness of sections, sources of supplies, orogenies, nature of deposition and paleoecology.

At numerous times in our history, our ancestors have been single-celled organisms in a principally lifeless new planet, aberrant fish bridging the gap between life in water and life on the land, tiny furry creatures making an attempt to keep away from ending up being eaten by dinosaurs, brief bipedal apes trying to finish up being eaten by lions and hyenas.

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