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Books That Every Student in High School Should Read

Every student especially those in high school should invests in learning how to be a good reader and this is by investing or developing a reading culture. It is very important for every student was in high school to be able to build a culture of reading different kinds of books because the things that they read from the books will be able to help them later in their lives no matter the path may decide to pursue later in their lives. It has been improved over time through thoroughly such that most of high school students do not enjoy the learning process that usually goes on in the high school. It is very important to start reading culture in every high school because it’s one of the ways that high school can use to restore the reading culture that can build motivation towards studies. In every high school’s reading list, there are number of books that should always be found and that can be beneficial to the learning of students in high school. This article is going to talk about some of the books that every high school student should read and how they can benefit from them.

One of the main books that should be read by every high school student is the Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger.Although this book was written for adults in the year 1951, it has become one of the most read novels in the world and has been translated into very many languages and it usually sells more than a million copies every year. The book has a story that circulates around the life of a teenager was known as Hollen claufield who is like a protagonist who is these days an icon of rebellion by teenage children, it has some lessons that every teenager should ensure that they get because they can help them through life’s struggles, ups and downs. This book can be found in the bookshop and every high school should acquire it and have it on its reading list.

Reality hunger by Devin Shields is another of those very important books that should be read by every high school student.The book has a main theme that talks about how teenagers or how young people face challenges growing up in a society that has a lot of mixed-media sources and how they can cope through it. This book can help all young people in terms of the reality that there is a lot of technological change these days as compared to how things were in the olden days and it can help them cope with these in addition to understanding more about the author.

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