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Atmospheric PhysicsOur research focuses on the bodily processes within the atmospheres and oceans of the Earth and other planets. The parametrization uses a globally uniform wave spectrum, and propagates it vertically by altering horizontal winds and air density, thereby representing the wave breaking effects on account of vital stage filtering and non-linear dissipation.

Cloud-radiation interactions are taken under consideration intimately through the use of the values of cloud fraction and liquid, ice and snow water contents from the cloud scheme using the McICA (Monte Carlo Independent Column Approximation) method (McRad, Morcrette et al. 2008).

As a part of the Coupled Mannequin Intercomparison Mission (CMIP) organized beneath the auspices of the World Local weather Analysis Programme’s (WCRP) Working Group on Coupled Modelling (WGCM) many a whole lot of climate researchers, working with modeling centres around the world, will share, evaluate and analyze the latest outcomes of worldwide local weather fashions.

The main subject areas comprise atmospheric modelling, area measurements, distant sensing, and laboratory research of gases, aerosols, clouds and precipitation, isotopes, radiation, dynamics, biosphere interactions, and hydrosphere interactions (for particulars see journal topic areas ). The journal scope is focused on studies with common implications for atmospheric science rather than investigations which might be primarily of local or technical interest.

Against this, SIM (proven in blue) measures modifications of up to 5 mW m−2 nm−1 at UV wavelengths, and −1.5 mW m−2 nm−1 in the visible range beyond 400 nm. Although the irradiance changes measured by SIM are very totally different from those predicted by the mannequin at almost all wavelengths, when these modifications are integrated throughout the spectrum, they yield comparable changes within the total downward solar flux at the top of Earth’s environment for 2004 minus 2007 (0.09 W m−2 for SIM and 0.11 W m−2 for Lean’s model).

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The on-campus Atmospheric Physics group develops and makes use of multispectral photoacoustic devices and solar photometers to measure atmospheric aerosols,


THE ATMOSPHERIC PHYSICS group contains six regular school and a dozen very active adjuncts, emeriti and research employees Present areas