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How To Feed Your Guinea Pigs

Every pet owner knows that their number one mandate is to make sure that their pet is well fed and is happy. Guinea pigs are so adorable and even though little, they are full of energy. Well, they are supposed to be fun and playful but not when they are not getting all the nutrients their bodies need. The only way your guinea pig will live to a ripe age of ten is if you get them healthy and happy. To make sure of this, you have to find out what types of food they need. Even before we go further, it is important to note that guinea pigs just like you, require a balanced diet. This means that they should eat from different types of food. Here is a guide on how to feed your guinea pigs.

If you want to make your guinea pigs happy, give them some hay. They can chew on this stuff night and day. Hay is also very nutritious as it gives the fiber they need in their little bodies. Guinea pigs need to keep chewing and that is why hay is good for their dental health. Guinea pigs have teeth that grow quite long and very fast. It would be very uncomfortable and even painful for these little creatures when their teeth overgrow. The hay comes in because they need to chew something to make sure that they grind their teeth to keep them short and nice. This is why you find guinea pigs chewing all the time.

Guinea pigs love Timothy hay. Even when dry, Timothy hay will retain that green color and will be fresh. Because guinea pigs can be picky eaters, you have to be careful to give them something that looks good. It is important that you provide hay so that whenever they need to chew, they can chew on it. You don’t want to find your documents or even clothes chewed because you didn’t give your guinea pig something to chew on.

To add to the nutrients they get from the hay, you should add guinea pig pellets. These are important additions to their diet because they are packed with energy. Too much of the pellets would be dangerous because they can become obese. Because of their high levels of calories, it might not be a good idea to lead this into their diet. Look out for pellets with high vitamin C levels.

Just like you need vegetables in your diet, these little pets also need them. You are looking to provide them with a balanced diet and this is the best way to add all the vitamins needed. If you are wondering what vegetables to give them, try tomatoes, cucumber and celery. Don’t give them vegetables once a week, a fresh cup every day is important. Only give them fresh vegetables, nothing spoilt or withered.

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