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How A Mouthguard Will Help Prevent Dental Injuries

Accidents can happen when you are participating in sports, and you can reduce the chances of injury by using a proper mouthguard. A mild removable plastic appliance use to protect teeth from damage during a sporting activity is known as a mouthguard. A user will find a custom-made mouthguard more effective. When there is a force blown to the mouth area, a mouthguard will absorb and deflect it. Dental injuries are very common injuries sustained in sporting activities. To prevent serious head injuries such as concussions, cerebral hemorrhages and unconsciousness you should use a mouthguard. A mouthguard can be fabricated around the orthodontic appliances, and it is important in protecting the soft tissue from abrasions when the athlete is undergoing treatment.

How to care for the mouthguard properly

To ensure the mouthguard lasts longer and gives the maximum protection you should take proper care of the mouthguard. Rinsing the mouthguard before and after use, storing it in clean and safe container and occasionally cleaning the mouthguard with toothpaste and a toothbrush is an ideal way of caring for the mouthguard. Store the mouthguard away from direct sun and avoid contact with hot water as heat will distort the mouthguard. For proper mouthguard care, a dentist should review the mouthguard after 12 months or even before if the user has any changes in their dental structure or are undergoing dental treatment.

Why You Should Get A Custom-Made Mouthguard

Using a mouthguard is an affordable way of protecting teeth and the whole mouth against injuries. Using a custom fit mouthguard is not only comfortable but also offers a significant protection level for your teeth. Custom fitted mouthguards are very effective because they are made in a way they fit the owners’ dental structure perfectly. Custom fitted mouthguards are more resistant and offer no restriction to the user when breathing or speaking.

Making The Most Out Of Dental Mouthguards

A person of any age can use a mouthguard. Children and adults who grind their teeth at night may avert tooth damage by using a bite splint. There are many mouthguards available to choose from to help an individual protect their teeth when engaging in any sports activities. Stock mouth protectors are preformed and ready to wear mouthguards they are very affordable and can be found in any departmental store. Another option is a boil and bite protector they are readily available in a sporting goods store. A dentist will give the mouthguard laboratory instructions on the type of custom fit mouthguard to make. The mouthguard is molded using special material once the doctor has already made an impression of your teeth. Custom fit mouthguards are more expensive as they need extra work and special material to make. A dentist is best placed to give mouthguard advice.

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