Smart Deals Proper for the Coolers and Freezers

Smart Deals Proper for the Coolers and Freezers

Each of us is familiar with such a necessary device, as an air conditioner. Many people successfully use cleaners, moisturizers and dehumidifiers of air masses, making with the help of these climatic devices a healthy microclimate of their home. But among all the diversity of climate technology, such a device as an air cooler has been undeservedly forgotten.

The learning

In this and other publications in this section, you will learn about what kind of climate technology is, what types are, where to apply and what to look for when choosing an air cooler for home or production needs. Besides, having studied the information presented on our resource, you will know the principle of operation of these devices, their device, what materials they are made of, who produces them and where they can be purchased. Among the commercial coolers and freezers you will have the best deals now.

The Choosing

What is an air cooler Judging from the name, the airflow cooler is a kind of device whose main purpose is air cooling for domestic and industrial purposes. All these devices are divided into two large groups: commercial and industrial. The subspecies of commercial units are household appliances, which have two types of execution: channel and monoblock.

The First Group

In the first group, devices operating on freon and water (glycol) are used. The principle of operation of the freon group of devices is based on the transition of the refrigerant, under certain conditions, from the liquid state to the gaseous state, in which the heat exchanger and the air flowing through it are cooled. The operation of this device is not much different from all the familiar air conditioner. In the apparatus using ordinary water as an agent, the principle of heat exchange is used, between the cooled heat exchanger tubes and the air mixture. In the second group of coolers of the air mixture, water or aqueous solutions of glycols are almost always used as the coolant.

  • This kind of air coolers is called water air coolers. Commercial, the most commonly used devices: In refrigerating and freezing chambers for cooling or long-term storage of vegetables and fruits, meat and dairy products, flowers and medicinal preparations.
  • For cooling air in domestic and industrial premises, shops for processing meat and fish. In ventilation systems for the supply of chilled air. Apparatus, as a refrigerant of which water acts, is most often used in electric motors, generators, etc. Construction of air coolers Commercial vehicles consist of an electric motor with a fan, and an evaporative unit.

As auxiliary equipment, defrosters for defrosting, condensate collection trays, etc. are used. The evaporator of the air cooler is usually the most interesting. The evaporator consists of a set of finned tubes fastened with special connecting rollers and mounted in a single structure using a frame made of steel or carbon steel.

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