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GeochemistryGeochemical studies at USC are highly interdisciplinary, and are carried out by college with pursuits in geobiology, climate science, marine chemistry, environmental chemistry, and petrology. The main focus of her work group Geofluids” inside the ICGR is on understanding and controlling scaling but additionally on problems with corrosion, and on environmental points associated with the exploitation of geothermal power. Péter Szűcs has been working as a professor of hydrogeology on the Institute of Environmental Administration of the University of Miskolc.

Fluid move in geothermal reservoirs is managed primarily by underground physical, chemical and organic processes. His particular fields are linked to the complex investigations of groundwater stream and geothermal systems. The chemical investigations revealed that the compositions of the geothermal fluids are very versatile.

DESTRESS is aiming to reveal methods of EGS (Enhanced Geothermal Systems) and thereby increasing data and providing options for a more economical, sustainable and environmentally responsible exploitation of underground heat. Groundwater—the water saved beneath the Earth’s surface between the cracks and areas in soil, sand, and bedrock—is important for the California residents and farmers who rely on it for up to forty six {7af8284bd6fc68944e07bdf44e6716fad6c55434d68f0a452c4ee197ebef4c56} of their annual water use.

The Geochemistry Group promotes geochemistry as a …