Paleogeography… Stratigraphy, Paleontology, Paleogeography, Paleoceanography,.. We use marine fossil collections from the Paleobiology Database to establish inconsistencies between their indicative paleoenvironments and revealed paleogeographic maps, and revise the places of inferred paleo-coastlines that signify the estimated maximum transgression surfaces by resolving these inconsistencies.

Advances resembling an explosion of new information about ammonites, new technologies equivalent to isotopic analysis, tomography and virtual paleontology typically, as well as continuous discovery of recent fossil finds have given us the opportunity to current a complete and timely “cutting-edge” compilation.

We additionally estimate the terrestrial areal change over time related to transferring reconstruction, filling gaps and modifying the paleogeographic geometries based on the paleobiology test. Additionally they show this knowledge in a manner that is interpretable to non-geologists.

Later, the Seychelles-Mascarene Plateau and nearby elevated sea-floor areas might have allowed faunas to move between southern India and Madagascar within the Late Cretaceous, from round eighty five-65 Ma, with an early Cenozoic extension to this path forming as a result of the Reunion hot-spot hint islands rising on the ocean ground to the SSW of India.

Beneath are links to Powerpoint reveals comprised of really stunning maps produced by Dr. Ron Blakey, at Northern Arizona College. …